Between the Signal and the Noise

Random musings and things I like. There is no single unified theme.


I love how kids on tumblr think that if you don’t reblog their social justice posts to a niche crowd that you are not doing anything. They don’t see you physically volunteering in the real world in places of need especially ones they often talk about, they don’t see you donating money, and they don’t see or hear your actions outside of tumblr. All they care about is looking at your reblogs as if that defines you as a person and if you post pictures and talk about what you’ve actually done it gets viewed as “bragging” and gets you bashed for not doing even more by the social justice keyboard warriors on tumblr(I don’t see this happen so much on twitter and other places). Its very sad that people really think like this on here. As someone who currently works with multiple NGOs on a regular basis and having seen the horrors of the world first hand both locally and abroad for me this isn’t the place for it I like to keep the gears moving from behind the scenes. 

This is a place for me to enjoy some free time, brainstorm, and relax. I also genuinely feel twitter and other social media outlets are far more effective than most of the niche communities that exist with in tumblr. I think tumblr can be a great place to bring attention to things especially if you have a wide audience established but just reblogging posts to a niche like minded crowd that all ready shares your shame views over and over doesn’t really accomplish much. You have to get out there and talk about it outside of your ‘comfort’ zone and show these things to people who are truly blind to the issues.

Getting excited because you got carded for alcohol 

-proof that you’re old



Medium: oils on wood

Size: 11x14”

Part of the 2 person show “Daydreamers” with Stella Im Hultberg at compound gallery in Portland Oregon. May 2nd to june 2nd 2013